mardi, janvier 20, 2009

Yes, he's different

I wanted, really wanted to warm up to Barack Obama today. I'm thrilled that a black man could be elected President of the USA. I'm more than thrilled to see the former occupant go back to Texas (though I did feel for him, sitting on the platform while 44 took jab after jab at the former administration.)

I'm so happy that we have an opportunity to reencounter our ideals and reestablish our relationships with some of the more civilized nations (although actually I don't see too many moral leaders among heads of state).

There were lots of things I didn't like about Bill Clinton, but you did sense a desire on his part to connect, to engage -- a certain Mike Huckabee realism.

Obama's sober tone today was a bit like that of a college professor who has discovered that half the class was plagiarizing. One more episode, and we are going into detention. A friend of mine with great DC connections told me that some of the columnists at the conservative dinner were struck by his aristocratic airs. I'm not sure if that's what we saw today --but I'm going to be looking more closely.

There's a certain distant quality about him that I didn't notice in the campaign. Possibly that's because difficult times mean that all of us slackers better shape up and fly right.

Funny. All this time I thought he was referencing somebody else.

Not you. And absolutely not me.

PS -- It helped to see him dance tonight. He's seemed to be having a good time, and kidding around, and more relaxed than in other public appearances. Maybe he was nervous. Or perhaps, as I'm sure many conservatives will argue, he's is a bit of the Obamamessiah. I hope he was nervous.

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