samedi, février 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to you...

Happy couples, secure in each other's arms...conflicted couples, trying to find words to express how you feel without making blood flow once more....complacent couples, who years ago became beggarly with words.

Happy Valentine's Day, parents who fell hard and forever the moment their child emerged from the womb, or walked in the door, or was placed in their arms in an airport or agency.

Happy Valentine's Day, men and women without children, who find your fulfillment at work, in friendship, by helping other people's children become healthy and loving adults.

Happy Valentine's Day, mom and dad and Jonathan, whose earthly absence breaks my heart, but reminds me that love is eternal.

Happy Valentine's Day, all of you who are alone, or angry, or terrified, or looking for something without a label or a name.

Blessings to all of boldly. Love when your knees are shaking. Love in spite of...the greatest of these is love.

jeudi, février 12, 2009

Another one--I think

I was going to write about Obama and Judd Gregg (as in--what's up with that guy?) but it's been a long day. So let me just note that, with my usual genius for the alternative lifestyle guys, I came across another swinger today. This guy kept checking out my profile. I thought he was kind of interesting--plays chess, fences, reads (yes, he READS). So I shot him an email, not noticing, in my dorky way, that he had two addresses--one in Pennsylvania, and one in Washington, D.C.

So when he got back to me, I apologized. Apparently he's still in Pennsylvania, though up north. He comes down to Philly to visit his family, and wants to know what my fav spots are around the Rittenhouse Square area. Only then did I notice that he said that while he favors traditions like chess...he has a "fine contempt" for traditional morality.

Given my amazing talent for attracting men who are into the alternative lifestyle, I thought I'd just come out and get down to the brass tacks or whips and costumes--are you a swinger, I asked him. Funny thing-he didn't answer my question. Maybe I need to find another way to ask it. After the guy who told me (my own age, a doctor) over lunch at the King of Prussia Mall that he'd love to have sex with me in the back of his car, but might leave me for a younger woman, I'm a little wary of men with medical degrees. Maybe he's not really a doctor--he might just play one at the local sex club.

mardi, février 10, 2009

No Messiahs here

I suppose everyone has figured this out, but something big is going on in America.Because we are part of a global society, this out of control chain of events is seeping into England and Japan and China and poor countries where people depend on us to buy their goods.

This afternoon Wall Street rejected the Treasury Department bailout II plan, falling 4. 6 percent in the hours before trading ended for the day.

We are in scary, uncharted waters. And Obama is a convenient target. But we better pray for his success, instead of doing the kind of puerile, stupid, stamp your feet carping the Republicans in the Senate are indulging in.

On NPR yesterday, some talking head was pointing out that he was hearing talks about banks and our general financial system that hadn't occured here in decades. Maybe some of the discontent will be helpful--making us hold our financial institutions and government accountable.

OR maybe it will lead to greater discontent...and it's hard to imagine that scenario.

But I'm sure someone is already has an option on the rights to the TV series.

dimanche, février 08, 2009

Cougars (to b continued)

I'm too tired to write my cougar opus tonight. But I do want to say that although I'm pursued by guys who could be my sons now and then, I don't seem myself in that predatory mode at all. First I'm flattered. Then I wonder how, errr, hard up they are for female companionship. Then I think--what would I talk to them about? I've been slammed for overthinking before. A lot of guys would be thrilled to have lovely young flesh offer itself up, even if their purposes were purely profane. But I find that I can't go there. Kinda of wish I could, but I can't. Even when they tell me that they like Wallace Stevens...romance with a twenty something is unimaginable. Possibly a thirty something? Well, a guy in his thirties emailed me last night, and I did reply. I don't want to get too set in my middle-aged ways....

Hear me roar?

I saw a video clip by Slate's Alex Chadwick yesterday. He had set up a table, where he was interviewing people either they had to pay him fifty cents, or he had to pay them! At any rate, two attractive forty something babes sat down with him. One of them told him that she'd had an affair with a house guest young enough to be her son. That reminded me of some cougar opportunities I have had...and turned down. So far. More on this later. Gotta go preach.

How is that for a tease?