dimanche, février 08, 2009

Cougars (to b continued)

I'm too tired to write my cougar opus tonight. But I do want to say that although I'm pursued by guys who could be my sons now and then, I don't seem myself in that predatory mode at all. First I'm flattered. Then I wonder how, errr, hard up they are for female companionship. Then I think--what would I talk to them about? I've been slammed for overthinking before. A lot of guys would be thrilled to have lovely young flesh offer itself up, even if their purposes were purely profane. But I find that I can't go there. Kinda of wish I could, but I can't. Even when they tell me that they like Wallace Stevens...romance with a twenty something is unimaginable. Possibly a thirty something? Well, a guy in his thirties emailed me last night, and I did reply. I don't want to get too set in my middle-aged ways....

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