mercredi, octobre 28, 2009

You gotta believe

Don't you?

Not in God, neccesarily.

Maybe in aliens, or life in outer space. Thats what some scientists substitute for faith.

Possibly in capitalism, or marxism or humanitarianism. On my mother's side, we adapted a kind of soft socialism. I had some remarkable ancestors, who weren't at all religious and did a lot of good work.

Perhaps you are a huge Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens fan -- it's your decade to be a little smug.

Or maybe you believe in the Grateful Dead. Tender is the memory of sharing music, brownies and smokes with thousands of other fans. Hard to explain if you weren't there. I wasn't there, and I've never really "gotten it".

Perhaps you try not to believe -- there have been times in my own walk when I loved the questions and didn't want to look for any answer.

That being said -- most of us are wired to have faith in something, or someone. So don't be so tough on that atheist in the office across from you, or the conservative Christian in your hiking club. They are only being human.

Which doesn't tell you about the existence of God -- just that atheists too have faith.