samedi, octobre 02, 2010

The "more love" movement -- it's complicated

I've been writing about religion - - and the religion scene, for quite a while. And one thing I've found is that the folks on the fringes don't get covered enough. It's simpler for journalist to stay inside the lines, particularly when THOSE groups don't get enough press.

Yet it's on the fringes, otuside the mainsteam narratives, that a lot of Americans make their spiritual home -- or no spiritual home.

Thus this excursion into trying to understand the spirituality and philosophical roots of the "more love" community. A future piece for the Huffington Post will dig a little deeper. Comment, debate, take me on.

Are you seeing the same shift? Is it new? Part of our United States love of Chinese food spirituality (one from column A, one from Column B)

And how do you feel about it? Feel free to talk back.