samedi, mai 02, 2009

Steaking your future

Here's a sobering article on what might happens if you eat too much red meat(from the New York Times).

I have to say that I don't know a lot of carnivores anymore -- most of my friends make meat a part of a meal, but not the main part. It seems as though that's one health message that has gotten through to folks.

I'll be looking for the one that talks about what can happen to you if you eat too much chocolate!

vendredi, mai 01, 2009

Friday already?

I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday. It was that kind of a week. Getting to work and realizing I hadn't moved my "favorites" from PC to laptop -- thus having to run home and finish the post I'd left half-written on the PC. Racing to Paoli for a morning apppointment and finding only dark offices -- and realizing half way home I was supposed to be there this afternoon.

Anyway, here's a great article by the NYT's David Brooks on how to become a genius: practice, practice, practice. OK, I'm being a little silly. You need to be a little smart -- brighter than the average guy or gal, but not neccesarily unusually smart.

Brooks strips away some of the glitz from achievement and I personally feel that's a good thing. If you are a romantic, however, you probably won't like his argument that achievement is also perspiration. It takes away some of the romance -- but allows for more realism.

lundi, avril 27, 2009


It certainly didn't promise to be a lovely evening. I didn't even try to argue myself out of it -- when the temperature hit 80 in the house this morning and I started to sweat, I went right to the air conditioning -- understanding the irony of the fact that soon the mid Atlantic region may be back in the 60s.

But as I bade the DQ goodbye at the base of our road on her way up to friend's house for dinner, I reveled in the tranquility, the horses in the field, the thwack of bats as children played baseball on the elementary school grounds. As odd as our weather has been, spring is still miraculous -- coming in chilly rain and blazing sun, winds that make the basketball hoop fall over, and the quiet of the evening as the sun sets. Well, not quite -- the frogs are having a great old time by the pond at the school -- or maybe they are yelling at one another. Hard for this human to tell as she runs by and wonders, and tries to catch a peep...I mean, a peek!