vendredi, mai 04, 2007

Whatever is true, noble, right....

Whatever is true whatever is noble whatever is right. Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent or praisworthy, think on such things. Phillipians 4:8

This is one of my top fave Bible verses-and that's saying a lot.

This week there have been a lot of invitations to brood, to simmer, to hang out in the grey. I could, as I do often, dwell on the warped in someone else's personality as they strut, virtually or directly in and out of my normal life-the addict, the obsessive, the martyr. But I am learning from an executive coach that I'm working with that one can choose to dwell in the light as well as the gloom. So I will try not to brood about the things I can't change-and rejoice about what I can change, with grace-my own attitude. If somehow I can find the way not to be so hard on myself, then perhaps I won't be so pissed off or frightened by others-and let God work in their lives. The same way He can work in my life, if I allow Him to.

mercredi, mai 02, 2007

The Evil of Banality

What would you say about a person who starts a war that results in hundreds of thousands of deaths on evidence that turns out to be based on a falsehood, or a series of falsehoods? What would you say about a man, or many men, who create a prison where many are held without being accused of a crime-with the high probablity that many are innocent? Would you call that man, or those men-evil? What about the men and women who carry out their orders? What about (to be really provocative)-the people who voted those men into office? No, I don't think George Bush is evil-but that doesn't excuse him. Even Dick Cheney isn't a fiend-but many of their actions, to my mind, are evil. About 40 years ago, a professor did an experiment at Stanford. Some students were jailers, some prisoners. Within a week, the student jailers were so sadistic the professsor had to stop the experiment. George Bush and his cronies have used our country, and our honor, and the lives of innocent Americans and Iraqis, as a giant experiment. Only he didn't know when to stop-and he continues, in his stubborn and heedless way, to turn his back on even those in his own party who tell him...enough. As for you, Bush fans and Republican voters...wake up and smell the blood.

mardi, mai 01, 2007

Kissy-face movies

I can't remember when I started being interested, as in liking boys, but Sian is not there yet. Aside from her dad and grandfather and maybe our pastor, boys and men only exist to be infuriating. In fact, she doesn't even like to see kissing on the screen-she hides her eyes. So "Brigadoon' was a tough sell. But apparently the dancing and the plot (lovers who happen to meet on the ONE day in a century the town appears) has won her over. Not the lovers, but the idea of a miraculous town protected by a priest's sacrifice. We left our hero and heroine at the point where he leaves her to return to New York. Will he go back, Sian asked me before she changed channels for "American Idol". Wisely, for once, I am going for the tease-tune in on Wednesday and see!

dimanche, avril 29, 2007

I tell my ex husband that my mechanic came down to help get my car started when the battery died and he comments that this is what they do out here in the country. Jimmy did charge me, but not a heck of a lot. Anyway, how many mechanics just leave the car they are working on and come down to help someone?

Well, back to my ex. He seems to think it's quaint that people help each other up here in the exurbs. My neighbor just lent me one of his mowers, since apparently I gummed up my carburetor. Never leave old gas in the tank when you are not mowing the lawn-again, something that you only know by being a guy who knows or by being a woman who learns.

Somehow pondering community and country values got me thinking about polyamory again. I don't know much about it yet. I can't imagine having more than one boyfriend or partner-finding the right one is turning out to be amazingly challenging.

That being said, I can find it easier to imagine imagining having two lovers than having a partner who keeps guns in the house.

Part of the issue for me is learning to use my imagination a bit more (love, not guns).

So maybe I could be a polyamorist...and maybe I could be a triathlete, too. Or learn to understand Japanese.

Or train cats to walk on a leash so their owners can shock the neighbors? Sorry-I've got spring fever, and I'd love to get my cat to walk on a leash.