vendredi, mai 04, 2007

Whatever is true, noble, right....

Whatever is true whatever is noble whatever is right. Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent or praisworthy, think on such things. Phillipians 4:8

This is one of my top fave Bible verses-and that's saying a lot.

This week there have been a lot of invitations to brood, to simmer, to hang out in the grey. I could, as I do often, dwell on the warped in someone else's personality as they strut, virtually or directly in and out of my normal life-the addict, the obsessive, the martyr. But I am learning from an executive coach that I'm working with that one can choose to dwell in the light as well as the gloom. So I will try not to brood about the things I can't change-and rejoice about what I can change, with grace-my own attitude. If somehow I can find the way not to be so hard on myself, then perhaps I won't be so pissed off or frightened by others-and let God work in their lives. The same way He can work in my life, if I allow Him to.

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