mercredi, mai 02, 2007

The Evil of Banality

What would you say about a person who starts a war that results in hundreds of thousands of deaths on evidence that turns out to be based on a falsehood, or a series of falsehoods? What would you say about a man, or many men, who create a prison where many are held without being accused of a crime-with the high probablity that many are innocent? Would you call that man, or those men-evil? What about the men and women who carry out their orders? What about (to be really provocative)-the people who voted those men into office? No, I don't think George Bush is evil-but that doesn't excuse him. Even Dick Cheney isn't a fiend-but many of their actions, to my mind, are evil. About 40 years ago, a professor did an experiment at Stanford. Some students were jailers, some prisoners. Within a week, the student jailers were so sadistic the professsor had to stop the experiment. George Bush and his cronies have used our country, and our honor, and the lives of innocent Americans and Iraqis, as a giant experiment. Only he didn't know when to stop-and he continues, in his stubborn and heedless way, to turn his back on even those in his own party who tell him...enough. As for you, Bush fans and Republican voters...wake up and smell the blood.

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HOLY a dit…

There have been many comparisons drawn between that Stanford study and the torture, etc. that the Guantanamo Bay and Abu_Ghraib prisoners have been subjected to - the parallels are chilling.

I'm no Bush lover nor would I ever vote Republican, a conviction I never had in such strong doses until I moved to the States two years ago,...but I'm coming to see that Bush is a byproduct of his environment. Made by the people, for the people. Not all of the people, of course...but enough to get him and keep him in office...and simple math tells me that's a heck of alot too many that have such strong war propaganda and fear-based conservative views.