mardi, mai 01, 2007

Kissy-face movies

I can't remember when I started being interested, as in liking boys, but Sian is not there yet. Aside from her dad and grandfather and maybe our pastor, boys and men only exist to be infuriating. In fact, she doesn't even like to see kissing on the screen-she hides her eyes. So "Brigadoon' was a tough sell. But apparently the dancing and the plot (lovers who happen to meet on the ONE day in a century the town appears) has won her over. Not the lovers, but the idea of a miraculous town protected by a priest's sacrifice. We left our hero and heroine at the point where he leaves her to return to New York. Will he go back, Sian asked me before she changed channels for "American Idol". Wisely, for once, I am going for the tease-tune in on Wednesday and see!

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