lundi, octobre 25, 2010

Will and Grace

For those of us old enough to recall the horrible hearings on Clarence Thomas's nomination of almost two decades ago, the revelation by Ms. Hill that she had gotten a voicemail from Virginia Thomas a few weeks ago probably reawakened memories of a time in history we'd like to forget.

Frankly, I've held that nomination against Arlen Specter for almost 20 years -- but I've also wondered if Thomas would have been possible if the left hadn't gone after Robert Bork, judging him not on his scholarship but on the monster they created.

It's worth thinking about Bork, Thomas and Hill again in this poisonous environment -- and wondering if we aren't still in as dire need of grace as we were then -- and as reluctant to admit it.

Anyway, please read, ponder and comment--

dimanche, octobre 24, 2010

Are your children believers? Or are they "almost Christian?"

So you go to church with your kids -- you weren't the type of parent to leave your kid and go out for doughnuts.

You say grace at meals -- even when you are in a chain restaurant.

You drive them to youth group, go to church suppers, even invite the pastor over for dinner.

But are you raising children who have been transformed by the Gospel?

Or are they, like the majority of Christian kids out there, victims of "moral therapuetic deism?"

Read about Kenda Creasy Dean's new book, the research that impelled her to write it -- and what you can do to help your kids...