dimanche, octobre 24, 2010

Are your children believers? Or are they "almost Christian?"

So you go to church with your kids -- you weren't the type of parent to leave your kid and go out for doughnuts.

You say grace at meals -- even when you are in a chain restaurant.

You drive them to youth group, go to church suppers, even invite the pastor over for dinner.

But are you raising children who have been transformed by the Gospel?

Or are they, like the majority of Christian kids out there, victims of "moral therapuetic deism?"

Read about Kenda Creasy Dean's new book, the research that impelled her to write it -- and what you can do to help your kids...


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BigLittleWolf a dit…

Interesting question. And while we don't swing that direction, I wonder if my kids believe in God. Or something "greater" - which, if they had a sense of that - would be good enough for me.

More than anything, I'd like them practicing the basics of decency and tolerance, and I hope, the principles (cultural more than religious) with which they were raised. By me.

As for a deity? They know my beliefs, and I leave them to explore theirs - with time, experience, and the inexplicable that some of us take on faith.