lundi, octobre 25, 2010

Will and Grace

For those of us old enough to recall the horrible hearings on Clarence Thomas's nomination of almost two decades ago, the revelation by Ms. Hill that she had gotten a voicemail from Virginia Thomas a few weeks ago probably reawakened memories of a time in history we'd like to forget.

Frankly, I've held that nomination against Arlen Specter for almost 20 years -- but I've also wondered if Thomas would have been possible if the left hadn't gone after Robert Bork, judging him not on his scholarship but on the monster they created.

It's worth thinking about Bork, Thomas and Hill again in this poisonous environment -- and wondering if we aren't still in as dire need of grace as we were then -- and as reluctant to admit it.

Anyway, please read, ponder and comment--

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

I've read your article on Huff Post several times now. I think it's wonderfully written, and you seem to be advocating for a large dose of reality among those who perhaps feel they cannot express it.

My viewpoint sits in such a different realm (or different from the traditional (American) Christian realm as I understand it, as a non-Christian. As such, terms like 'sinners' feel almost like foreign vocabulary to me. I consider a very broad range of behaviors "human" and nothing more, and yes, of course, there are those that I, personally, consider unacceptable or aberrations (those that harm children for example, or violence).

I certainly do recall the event and how unseemly it was at the time. This whole phone call asking for an apology thing... utterly bizarre to me. And I see nothing for Hill to apologize for.