vendredi, novembre 02, 2007

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Sorry all you Colbert fans- it might be my fault. I know that when I jump on a bandwagon the trombones may stop, the float can fall apart and a herd of cows will stop the parade.

Not that I'm calling the South Carolina Democratic Committee cattle for not allowing Stephen Colbert to run on the ticket. Perhaps they were upset that he is running as a Republican. Possibly they are concerned about the amount of money they'd have to contribute. There's also the real possibility that he would steal the thunder of some front-running candidates-might make them look a little pompous and predictable by comparison.

At the gym this morning the attendant told me he would change the channel from Fox to CNN only "under protest." I commented that he probably thought CNN was a "vast left-wing conspiracy." He responded that he was sure it was.

Nonsense, I thought. Lefties are way too fractured to be conspiratorial about anything. Now I think they are conspiring not to allow us to see anything funny about our national dilemmas.

But I'm still going to keep my Colbert for President shirt-after all, there's always 2012!

lundi, octobre 29, 2007

Colbert and Christ in South Carolina

I don't know if our fervent response to Stephen's Colbert's Presidential bid is a sign of our dislike for the candidates who are really running or of our alienation from DC politics as usual. According to a report in the New York Times, a Facebook site set up by a 16 year old signed up a million supporters in slightly over a week.

Another media report says that when the Comedy Channel satirist kicked off his campaign in South Carolina (Columbia, SC) some at the rally held up signs saying "Colbert. Christ. Favorite sons '08."

I'm not sure I understand the link between Stephen and Jesus, but Colbert does seem to be a grassroots, prophetic type fella.

I've ordered my T-shirt and my bumper sticker. So what if his hands are stained with Doritos? I've always had a weakness for someone who talks truthiness to power.