samedi, avril 07, 2012

Now the green blade riseth....

In which I argue that Jesus didn't rise solely so that we all individually might be saved, but to recreate the world and challenge us to be a holy community.

What say you?

mercredi, avril 04, 2012

In trouble

"How much trouble are you in this week"? 

That's what I was going to ask one of my friends (and probably will).



Perhaps even with a touch of envy.

While I couldn't manage the life that they (he/she) lead, I'm still fascinated by their adventures.

I tend to avoid drama, if at all possible. Having a two teens in the house (one with a flair for role-play, the other one plagued with an Augustinian conscience Martin Luther might envy) takes about all of the fortitude I can channel.

Yet I also have an innate distaste for convention.

That means that I'm not comfortable with social norms that perhaps would, if I just gave in (gave up?) make my life a whole lot simpler.

In addition, I don't have a high need for emotional security, the kind that sends so many of us in America cavorting from one relationship to another in search of that elusive swaddled feeling.

But trouble -- don't you think life would be more fun if we all got into trouble more often?

At least occasionally?

What if we wore something that wasn't our "color"?

Went somewhere way off our beaten track?

Contacted one of our roguish relatives (sadly, most of mine are gone)?
Marched on Washington?

Stayed up all night with a friend, debating politics AND religion (and sure, sex, too)?

Every now and then, we all have a yearning to bust out of the routine, and take that rabbit trail.

What's the worst that can happen to you? That great-aunt Martha tells you what a pain in the butt you were when you were six?

There's big trouble (as in, you lost your history notes for the test, you are in big trouble) and then there is little trouble.

Only you can decide which one suits your lifestyle the most.

Start practicing. 

We're gonna want to know the whole sordid story.

dimanche, avril 01, 2012

How clergy survive Holy Week

Does this mean that Anglicans take Holy Week more seriously -- or is it a bad case of smells and bells?


"They win"
"They win"
Words from somewhere
Echo through the quiet night
Ring true, they do of
Corrosive hours
Small betrayals
the slow sad pageant of days
Moon wax and wane
Pain lingers
If only true for this voyager
Ought not
Respect and honor be fashioned in the empty space?
Again, and again
across from her
as in a far galaxy
Where once understanding glimmered
Wisdom a gentle dew
A look blank of all but the
Speeding hour
In the desert
She knows now
To learn to bear
Truly alone
This one thing