vendredi, mai 01, 2009

Friday already?

I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday. It was that kind of a week. Getting to work and realizing I hadn't moved my "favorites" from PC to laptop -- thus having to run home and finish the post I'd left half-written on the PC. Racing to Paoli for a morning apppointment and finding only dark offices -- and realizing half way home I was supposed to be there this afternoon.

Anyway, here's a great article by the NYT's David Brooks on how to become a genius: practice, practice, practice. OK, I'm being a little silly. You need to be a little smart -- brighter than the average guy or gal, but not neccesarily unusually smart.

Brooks strips away some of the glitz from achievement and I personally feel that's a good thing. If you are a romantic, however, you probably won't like his argument that achievement is also perspiration. It takes away some of the romance -- but allows for more realism.

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Norman Pease a dit…

I agree with the thrust of the article. Particularily the last sentence. In this age the number of disiplines we can pursue is growing all the time. This makes it all the more remarkable that a person of genius arises.