jeudi, février 12, 2009

Another one--I think

I was going to write about Obama and Judd Gregg (as in--what's up with that guy?) but it's been a long day. So let me just note that, with my usual genius for the alternative lifestyle guys, I came across another swinger today. This guy kept checking out my profile. I thought he was kind of interesting--plays chess, fences, reads (yes, he READS). So I shot him an email, not noticing, in my dorky way, that he had two addresses--one in Pennsylvania, and one in Washington, D.C.

So when he got back to me, I apologized. Apparently he's still in Pennsylvania, though up north. He comes down to Philly to visit his family, and wants to know what my fav spots are around the Rittenhouse Square area. Only then did I notice that he said that while he favors traditions like chess...he has a "fine contempt" for traditional morality.

Given my amazing talent for attracting men who are into the alternative lifestyle, I thought I'd just come out and get down to the brass tacks or whips and costumes--are you a swinger, I asked him. Funny thing-he didn't answer my question. Maybe I need to find another way to ask it. After the guy who told me (my own age, a doctor) over lunch at the King of Prussia Mall that he'd love to have sex with me in the back of his car, but might leave me for a younger woman, I'm a little wary of men with medical degrees. Maybe he's not really a doctor--he might just play one at the local sex club.

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