mardi, février 10, 2009

No Messiahs here

I suppose everyone has figured this out, but something big is going on in America.Because we are part of a global society, this out of control chain of events is seeping into England and Japan and China and poor countries where people depend on us to buy their goods.

This afternoon Wall Street rejected the Treasury Department bailout II plan, falling 4. 6 percent in the hours before trading ended for the day.

We are in scary, uncharted waters. And Obama is a convenient target. But we better pray for his success, instead of doing the kind of puerile, stupid, stamp your feet carping the Republicans in the Senate are indulging in.

On NPR yesterday, some talking head was pointing out that he was hearing talks about banks and our general financial system that hadn't occured here in decades. Maybe some of the discontent will be helpful--making us hold our financial institutions and government accountable.

OR maybe it will lead to greater discontent...and it's hard to imagine that scenario.

But I'm sure someone is already has an option on the rights to the TV series.

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