samedi, février 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to you...

Happy couples, secure in each other's arms...conflicted couples, trying to find words to express how you feel without making blood flow once more....complacent couples, who years ago became beggarly with words.

Happy Valentine's Day, parents who fell hard and forever the moment their child emerged from the womb, or walked in the door, or was placed in their arms in an airport or agency.

Happy Valentine's Day, men and women without children, who find your fulfillment at work, in friendship, by helping other people's children become healthy and loving adults.

Happy Valentine's Day, mom and dad and Jonathan, whose earthly absence breaks my heart, but reminds me that love is eternal.

Happy Valentine's Day, all of you who are alone, or angry, or terrified, or looking for something without a label or a name.

Blessings to all of boldly. Love when your knees are shaking. Love in spite of...the greatest of these is love.

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