samedi, janvier 24, 2009

Send in the clown

When I was in college, I had a supporting role in the musical "Anything Goes." Even then, I was not seen as an ingenue. I really wanted to be, though. What college girl didn't?

Full of dreams of the other life the stage offered, I would love to have had the chance to be the fresh faced girl finding herself in her lover's arms. But how wonderful to play any part in one of his musicals.

I've always had an affection for Cole Porter's music. I like the irony, the cultural references from the 1930s and 40's, the cleverness, and the lyricism.

I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
But tell me why should it be true?
That I get a kick out of you?

There's something so wonderfully in your face, but classy, about his erotic lyrics. I suppose perhaps it was the gay male in him coming out (sic).

Some get their kicks from cocaine
I know that if...I took even one sniff,
It would bore me terrifically too...
But I get a kick out of you

I'm looking for the lover who doesn't bore me...the one who will surprise me, challenge me, shatter my prejudices. I'm so good at nurturing that men rarely get past that. I'm cautious, so jaded about love...and I wonder who will see past the facade, and want to know the woman who simmers underneath...hoping to be refuted.

But I'm not an ingenue. No one needs to find me, 'cause I'm not lost. So if "he" doesn't walk in the door, if "he" doesn't have time, if "he" isn't interested in the challenge, then I'm not waiting around to see if "he" (fill in the blank) can be suckered into choosing me. And when he does have time, and is drawn to the challenge, and wants to be chosen as much as to choose...ah, then, we've got something to talk about.

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