jeudi, janvier 22, 2009

No Roberts rules

I admit that I've never thought Dr. Steven Pinker was witty. The truth is, that even if he was being funny, I'm not sure I'd know it.

I mean, the guy is a total braniac--I'm sure my kids would put him in somewhere between nerd and mad scientist.

But "Oaf of Office" is a riot. Read it, and howl.

It helps to know what a split verb is, although Pinker gives you plenty of examples.

It might help even more to care.

But if someone like me can read it and laugh, maybe there's hope for the scholarly Dr. Pinker--a spot on Jon Stewart's show?

There may even be hope for me. After all, I'm proof that complete rebellion against the rules of grammar pays -- not a lot, but it pays!

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