dimanche, janvier 18, 2009


When Paul exhorted his readers to stand up to the principalities, I'm not sure he would have considered Colosimo's gun shop one of them. But read the column in Sunday's newspaper by Philadelphia Inquirer journalist Monica Yant Kinney and tell me how you feel about this gun shop owner.

He sounds like a man who doesn't give much thought to anything but his business -- at the least. At the most, as the city alleges, he may be allowing criminals to buy guns that allow for more killings in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

I know the Rev. Isaac Miller. He's a cool-headed guy.

I admire his guts, and that of the men and women arrested with him, in taking a moral stance against gun violence. The shots and woundings and funerals happen in his neighborhood.

This isn't about fuzzy headed liberalism. This is, as Kinney says, going face to face with the gun lobby, and saying what needed to be said, even in a prison cell. Enough. Enough. Enough.

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