jeudi, mars 19, 2009

Nick and the Daily Me

If I could be a famous columnist, I would want to be a female version of Nick Kristof. I've mentioned previously in this blog how awesome he is for traveling to dangerous places around the globe to tell us stories we sometimes don't wish to hear, for his persistent advocacy on Darfur, and for his empathy for evangelicals--even when they were being cartooned by the left (including his NYT colleague Frank Rich) during the Bush administration.

Maybe I like him so much because we think alike on some matters. Thusday's opinion piece, The Daily Me, is so apropos of what I've been slinging up here that I had to include it today.

And I like his idea of wrestling with someone who completely disagrees with you. My sole warning? It can't be done via email. I say this on purely practical grounds. When I look back, it's way too easy to be hostile in emails, to take positions you might not take otherwise, and to be just plain rude. I've lost a few friends to email
for what I think, pardon the expression, are purely bullshit reasons.

Really. So I love the notion, but I just don't know how to put it into practice.

Otherwise, Nick, stay right there in our faces-passionate, moral, and rational, seeking to build bridges rather than to torpedo them. Eventually, people will fidn that the Daily Me gets a

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