samedi, mars 21, 2009

Capitol Hill tantrum Sunday edit

I'm getting sick of Congress's populist outrage. But I am wondering about that of the American public. How ticked are we?

Joe Nocera has a wonderful column in today's New York Times about AIG.

No, it wasn't about how those AWFUL people got those bonuses, and really they should be ridden out on a rail--or killed.

Nocera was pointing out that the people we should be looking into are the large financial groups who are getting 100 cents on the dollar--trillions from the government. Let's talk about Goldman Sachs.Some of the other biggies were essentialy being bailed out 2x-once by AIG and once by the Feds. Or maybe that's really 2x by the government.

Why weren't these companies allowed to disappear?

Nocera doesn't comment on this--but how long will we go on bailing out companies? We can't keep printing bills.

Some of the companies getting AIG money (Federal money, our money), he notes, aren't even American.

Check out this smackdown of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner by liberal Frank Rich--with a warning to Obama.

Meanwhile Congress, particularly the Democrats, are acting like a big bunch of babies. Nocera argues, in company of Richard Shelby of Alabama, that there should be an investigation, hearings, whatever it takes to find out exactly what these guys were doing.

Read it here.

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