samedi, février 02, 2008

Daring to be Hetero

I shook the hair out of my eyes now and then while on the treadmill at the Y last night and watched a few pundits opining about how Senator Obama had the wind at his back-he's got the fabled 'mo. Actually one of them said he'd won a few daily news cycles recently. The press-such a bunch of cynics (grin).

Many Americans are desperate for change. Across generational lines, they seem to crave someone who won't keep reverting to the politics of polarity. It's fascinating to me that we potentially have a match between a middle-aged multicultural who inspires us to be optimistic in the face of tremendous national problems and an older war hero with a reputation for candor. McCain's doesn't quite have the credentials to back up the credit he gets for iconoclasm, but he's certainly not a garden variety Republican.

In proposing we look for solutions together, and don't get hooked by the problem, Obama is cer a welcome change. To me, anyway. For years I've been harping on precisely this point in my commentaries-I'm surprised my editors still publish them. :-)

I began to wonder, as I conned myself into another half mile on the 'mill, what would happen if a few Protestant denominations, like the Presbyterians and Lutherans, applied the same lens to religious disputes. Of course, that would take some daring. And creativity. After all, it has the potential to lead to heterodoxy-and you know how they feel about THAT!

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