mercredi, janvier 30, 2008


Let's get over the Camelot syndrome.

It's really intriguing that Caroline Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

I was moved by reading Caroline's editorial in the Times. Those of us who were young when JFK was killed, and remember the hope young Robert Kennedy brought to a nation divided )for a few brief months) may feel a sentimental tug.

That being said, why does it matter?

The Kennedy decades of charisma and prominence seems pretty much over.

People under 45 don't remember when the family was in the press constantly. They certainly aren't nostalgic for JFK's Camelot. It's an era that was more complex than it looked-and sadder. Why would we want to return?

I wonder if the nostalgia was mostly about the baby boomer members of the press corps-journalists, as I know from my own experience, are romantics-who have been mugged.

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Roger R. a dit…

I don't think it's about the Kennedys so much as it is about optimism...a change of attitude for our country, our people. Perhaps rediscovering the humility that is required of leaders, as well as concern for those less fortunate. Obama seems to be one of the finest orators, with the most inspiring messages, since JFK. But then I'm a tail-end boomer. :-( I'm glad for the endorsement, and hope many more will follow.