jeudi, janvier 31, 2008


Today, in sore need of some humor after some plans fell apart, I bought a book by Christopher Moore. He is the writer of the very irreverent, very funny "Lamb." For Christians, "Lamb" poses the conundrum: is it sinful to find a "memoir" by a so-called childhood friend of Jesus so damned funny?

Ah, you can see it has already had an effect on me!

Moore is wonderfully funny. His perspective on life in general straddles that thin line between ironic and satiric-but it is also empathetic and insightful.

I'm eager to find out what he has to say about whales.

And I also wonder why many of us become so much less imaginative as we get older. What is so frightening about fantasy? Why don't we treasure that inner life? How do we become more open to seeing the world through the looking glass?

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