mardi, janvier 29, 2008

Staying open

I don't like...

People who drive environmentally toxic, huge, ostentatious SUVs-except that I happen to have good friends who do.

Men with a passion for golf-but the guys with whom I was friends before I knew about the golfing get a pass.

Sugar-free anything-except when it tastes good.

See where I'm going?

As we get older, we start making generalizations about what we like and don't like. Eventually, they become traits that define us-which is really unfortunate. Sometimes theses biases are driven by common sense.

Other times, unfortunately, our likes and dislikes are founded on fear, or prejudice, or the desire to define ourselve against somebody who makes us uneasy...

When we are young, we mock older folks who have gotten rigid and "stuck" in the past, and cannot hear opposing views. But we don't always see the stultifying effect that prejudice has on our lives-or what we might be missing.

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