lundi, mai 16, 2011

What would the world be like...

If we all agreed on life's big questions?

If we hadn't thought through what's essential to us, and where we can give up a little bit?

If we didn't sometimes change our minds?

If we didn't come from different families, cultures, ethnicities and races?

What would it be like if we didn't learn to be grateful for our diversity?

Boring, I think.

How would it feel to be scared of the "other?" Afraid to change? Afraid to grow?

We know THAT already -- look at the sad state of American politics (let alone French).

We have opportunities every day to become different people -- more open, more flexible, less afraid.

It takes courage, whatever your beliefs, to stand up against the sea of pessimism and fear, whether it's personal or societal.

Yet our default seems to be that of retreating, going back into our shells, like the turtle I found on the driveway of the school.

As a country in which diversity is simply a fact of life, we have the chance to move forward by embracing our differences. Or we can try to go backwards by dividing ourselves into groups where we feel safe (a problem for liberals as well as conservatives). There is way too much righteousness around at the moment, and it does nothing but separate us.

Isn't it time we found the chutzpah and hope to say "yes" to the future, instead of delving into our fortresses like frightened chipmunks?

Come out, come out, and smile at your neighbor -- you might find have something in common than big teeth and a cute tail.

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