lundi, mai 03, 2010

Are you deadlined? Or disciplined?

Generally, I don't lose things.
But I do misplace them.
Usually, that's until just after I really need them the most.

Like that note that one of my editors stuck on a book telling me, as she does with her other freelance writers, when our review is due.

I'm so glad that it wasn't due today. Yes, I did find the note, as I started near the very beginning (of the volume), a very good place to start when the review is supposed to be emailed in two days.

The interesting thing is that my editor tells me most of her reviewers get stuff in to her early.


The awesomeness of it.

I do best when I have deadlines with their little gimlet eyes, staring at me.

This time, however, I am going to be tested.

I have a story to file and aforesaid book commentary due on Wednesday.

Then an afternoon on Lancaster for multiple interviews on the crisis in institutional Christianity on Thursday.

A commentary due Friday on the same subject.

And, hmm, a revision of an interview due over the weekend.

Thank God I'm not preaching this week!

So what are you? A just in time guy or a woman who doesn't like the stress of having to produce something before your boss is walks into the office tomorrow at nine?

I keep vowing to reform.
How about next week?

3 commentaires:

Sabrina Vourvoulias a dit…

Absolutely deadline driven. ;-)

dadshouse a dit…

I am disciplined. I haven't had a deadline in years. Except maybe for taxes, but I usually file extensions.

BigLittleWolf a dit…

Interesting topic!

I'm both - it depends on what's going on with my kids. If they have a pressing need, my planning gets compromised and then things are last minute. Otherwise, I'm usually just ahead of the due date.

But there is something about a print deadline looming that pushes pushes pushes all the buttons!