samedi, mai 08, 2010

L' Anglo-Saxon!!!

It's everywhere.

My blogging colleague David Mott used it in a recent post discussing the challenges presented by the form he needed to fill out for financial aid for his daughter.

A Facebook friend used it to describe the amount of snow her state is getting -- in May.

It's a word I tell my daughter not to use except in dire straits -- not because I think the Anglo-Saxon is vulgar (it is, but it's catnip to teens) but because it makes her look ignorant.

It's a word I've used myself a few times when I drive ten miles from home and realize I've left the book I needed to return to the home. In the privacy of my car, but almost never in public.

And I use it, like perhaps you might, as an intensifier, not as a particularly sexual term. I've heard enough of that from some of my online pals to make me wonder if they should go back and read Shakespeare.

A little Renaissance creativity goes a long way.

But my fellow bloggers don't use the "f" word by itself -- instead they combine it with a few other words...

as in "wtf is going on here?"

I haven't used it in print, but that's mostly because it's not part of my vocabulary most of the time, and I try, here, to be family-friendly.

Although, rabbit trail, I was taken aback when someone recently used the word "sex" to search my blog. So many blogs give better sex than this one.

Do you think that using the formerly-banned in polite conversation word this way is making it, well, a little less bawdy, a little more like ketchup and less like wasabi?

And if that's the case, what are we going to find to replace it?

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