jeudi, mai 06, 2010

Terrorists and rifles? Coming to a town near you?

I still am amazed.
In our shoot first, ask questions later culture, I should not be, I suppose.
Know who Faisal Shazhad is?
For those of us who have been hiking for the past couple of days, he's the terror suspect who planted the bomb in Times Square.
He also had a wicked looking gun. Why he didn't use it may come out in his trial, since apparently the fellow leaks like a faucet.
But what if he'd been on the terror watch list?
We'd be safer then --- not.
For Mr. Shazhad could buy a gun -- legally.
Congress doesn't think we keep anyone but children from buying guns.
Even terrorists.
After all, your Second Amendment right to kill someone else trumps the right of an innocent bystander on a New York City street to walk the streets safely.
I'm sure this is just what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

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