vendredi, avril 30, 2010

So about that party

I'm really not so good at returning to a topic...even after I've told you I'll come back to it.

But I did mention the polyamorous academic and amiable atheists -- and how could I leave them hanging?

I do like to mix it up with people of different persuasions -- and it's fun to see people who might never have run into each other get together and share opinions, wine and spirited conversation.

I think I might have gone too far, however, when I invited the poly prof, his companion, a few guy friends, a couple of neighborhood pals and my ex-husband over for a summer dinner on the deck.

Some of my regular readers were in attendance, and I'm sure have their own perspectives. And, without getting into any specifics, the event taught me a valuable lesson.

It wasn't polyamory that was the problem -- now THAT would have been interesting. But it takes a while for vastly different folks to get to know each other -- and throwing various fish in the pond and expecting them to swim was, perhaps, a little unfair.

I have learned a few other things, too, about the limits of diversity -- at least at outdoor barbeques and other social events.

Have you ever thought that:

Even the most seemingly unconventional behavior becomes a taut box if it is reinforced by others of like mind.

Passionate atheists can be as difficult to deal with as far right Christians. I find I'm much more comfortable with those who are cool with my own quirky brand of faith and don't feel the need to uh, convert me. Or talk down to me.

That's why I prefer the company of oddball Christians, tolerant agnostics, Jews and anyone with a warped mind and wit. Come sit by me, darling.

My ex-husband did turn and ask me, as one point: how did you meet these people?

I'm not sure he totally believed me.

And neither might you...

7 commentaires:

Sabrina Vourvoulias a dit…

You do know some weird peeps. ;-)

Offcenter a dit…

But there is no such thing as normal, I don't think.

Allen a dit…

Was I at this party. I didn't realize there was a poly couple there if I was. :-)

Offcenter a dit…

I thought you and Sue WERE the poly couple.

BigLittleWolf a dit…

Interesting remark: "Even the most seemingly unconventional behavior becomes a taut box if it is reinforced by others of like mind."

I like to think of the "warped mind" as quirky.

I definitely do well with quirky.

dadshouse a dit…

I think you've just explained why so many married couples don't invite me, the single dad, over for dinner. And I'm not polyamorous or atheist. Just divorced.

Offcenter a dit…

And you are quirky, David dear. Confess.