vendredi, avril 24, 2009

Three women sconed

This morning I went up with a friend to see her daughter, who attends a college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Over lunch in an "Irish" tearoom, I asked her if she'd had any boyfriends. An attractive girl with bright blue eyes, she listed the number of dates she's had -- she's a junior. They come to about three or four. Students don't date, unless they were already together in high school, she told me over a cup of tea and a scone(well, what else would you have in a tea room?.

Boys watch porn on their computers, because well, it's easier. We're the generation which wants everything immediately, she said. We IM, we text, we email...instead of talking on the phone or in person.

How wonderful that my generation has picked up some of these disturbing tics --and how potentially scary that her generation, starting out doesn't seem to have the communications tools they will need. Of course, this is overstatement, but to hear it from someone as articulate and attractive as my friends 21 year old daughter gives one pause.

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norman pease a dit…

there is something lost in lack of in person communication, but I'm not sure that indicates a lack of skills. text,im, etc. allows communication with more than one person at the same time. The phone call prohibits this.