dimanche, avril 19, 2009

Novel girl in a Twitter world

I was updating my status on Facebook today -- and then I began to think about what exactly it was I was doing.

Would Kevin, an editor for whom I rarely write, care about how far I had run that day?

Would my ex's first ex care to read that I had mowed the lawn? And how do I feel about her trip to Africa (if you really want to know, I'm enjoying the pictures).

In another context, some of my Facebook "friends" might not be more than acquaintances. AND many of them, me probably included, live pretty white bread lives.

Nonetheless, I continue to post mysterious comments like yesterday's -- EE is thinking of mowing her lawn, and the sensuality of pantheism. I'm not quite sure what that means myself. Maybe it will continue to make my "friends" wonder if I'm eccentric (true), an overwrought intellectual (also accurate) or just nuts (sometimes.)

What was I thinking? About the smell of the crushed onion grass after the mower has trod over it, the star-petaled purple flowers, the bees flying just about the clover...I stand there until they move, most days, not wanting to slice any into little grass like pieces. How can one describe the synthesis of all of these experiences in a Facebook status update? And yet....there is something that draws us back, wanted to see and be seen, expose and watch somebody else exposing...a millimeter of truth.

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