mardi, avril 21, 2009

Finding reasons not to believe

I wonder if that might be a better m.o for me -- not to take anyone at face value, and to believe that they are not telling me the truth -- unless it's about how much I owe for that pretzel and Diet Coke. I can figure that one out for myself. Add a candy bar and it gets complex.

But I don't know how not to take someone at his or her word, at least initially. And I choose the path of directness so much more often than not that I'm amazed when others do not.

I've watched this play out in my own family -- and I guess I'm just wired to trust. The trick is to not to be too vulnerable to those who toy with your trust -- account it a small, salutary shock, and move on. Just a little ouch, and its all over -- until the next one.

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