mercredi, avril 22, 2009


Mr. C and I are doing something decadent -- going with friends to a Phillies game next Wednesday night. He's going to be very tired the next day -- fortunately school is right across the street. My friend and her husband don't have kids, so it's probably hard to understand the kinds of insanity we go through allowing them to pursue their goals.

Neither my ex nor I are particularly driven parents. Being a split couple means that sometimes homework doesn't take first place in the order of things. But we are raising opinionated, engaged,inquisitive children. These traits come naturally to our son. Thanks in part to our daughter's ADD, her passions have taken longer to evince themselves in her drama troupe, her pottery, and occasionally a novel about bloodsucking night undeads.

Drama. Karate. Chess. Oh, and the "Bs." Band. Baseball. Boy Scouts. Church and church events. On Wednesdays, between work and the DQ's drama troupe, I probably clock more than 110 miles. But I can't imagine asking them to give them up unless they got in the way of normal school. My parents, in another age, sent me to a school where all of these recreational needs were met. Out here in the suburbs, we leave large carbon footprints...all in the interest of having kids who grow up to be socially conscious, creative, and compassionate adults.

It's nice to play hookey occasionally. Even mom needs an evening vacation from her recreational activities.

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