samedi, février 21, 2009

Nerd revival

"Nerd" she says to him, in the same vaguely cheeerful tone with which she might say: "how was school?"

She loves to dish out the insults, my 13 year old child. And so I'm going out of my way to reassure my studious, enthusiastic, tournament playing son that, actually, it's cool to be a nerd.

Well, he's never going to play baseball for the Phillies (though miracles have happened). He's probably not going to teach skiing (more enthusiasm than skill, though he's getting better). He's not going to be a minister--though he's wonderfully perceptive.

But he does love to play chess, and participate in the Reading Olympics, and watch the news and the History Channel. He's the type of 11 year old who asks me if that peanut guy has been arrested yet--and what happened with the stimulus package.

So when she calls him a nerd, I tell him it's cool.

Too bad no one ever told me.

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Sue a dit…
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Offcenter a dit…

Sue, I loved your comment. I was playing around with my settings, then the cat started to bug me, jumping on my lap and knocking stuff off the desk.

Somehow I deleted it and can't seem to get it again, so I'm going to copy it below:

Sue has left a new comment on your post "Nerd revival":

I love this! I thought about my son (6) as read this, who ONLY brings home science-oriented books on their Friday Library days at school. No fun stories, no fantasy, no imaginative tales ... just "all you need know" books about whales, reptiles, dinosaurs, you name it. The closest "story" he's ever come to is The Magic School bus, which is all about -- you got it -- science! Oh, yes, and he did bring home a Bible-story/Where's Waldo type book once ...

While I share your boy's love of history (and shamelessly try to immerse my kids in it every chance I get!), I'm glad I do have an appreciation for skeletal structures of dinosaurs so I can share this with Aidan. But still ... how I'd love to see him, just once, come home with "Bread and Jam for Frances" or "Make Way for Ducklings." :)

I'll keep this post in mind as he grows older, and grows into his beautiful, perfect, cool little self.

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