mardi, septembre 09, 2008

The custody game

I have been up to my ears in books on co-parenting.

Mostly, these are tomes that try to get it through the thick skulls of divorcing parents how bad parental conflict is for kids.

The second point they make, over and over again, is that children need both parents. I wonder why so many men abdicate their role as full time dads. That is something I have yet to grasp.

Yet I am bugged also by the notion that many women are so scared of allowing their ex to have an equal voice in decisions that affect their kids. Admittedly, there are times when I think I am more nurturing, emotionally connected, intuitive about what my children need. But I also know that their dad brings positive qualities to the table that I can't give on my best days.

I guess that the class, which begins in October, will give Dave and me more clues as to what's going on with fathers. But what about the moms? Ladies, what are you afraid of? Or is this just plain old selfishness, fear, and vengeance?

Gosh, it's a good thing I'm not teaching a class for women!

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