jeudi, septembre 11, 2008

Caveat: don't treat her like a "girl"

That doesn't mean Governor Palin should get a free pass on answering questions. Here are a few:

What did happen with that "bridge to nowhere?"

Why did you bill taxpayers for your nights at home?

Why didn't you use the offical government email and copy official emails to your husband?

You have to admit that the McCain strategy is brilliant. Don't have her give interviews. Blame the media for asking questions. Blame the Obama campaign for using an innocous expression, because it stirs up your parochial base. THEN blame the media again when they start digging and actually find something.

The sad thing is that this strategy works. And it works, in part, because the McCain campaign is treating a strong, outspoken, self-confident woman like she's a little girl.

This blame game behavior is galling, but in a year when there are milllions of disenchanted blue collar voters out there who saw Hillary Clinton as their voice and Barack Obama as part of the elite, it might work.

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