mercredi, septembre 10, 2008

What happened to the truth?

It makes me nuts when someone says Barack Obama is a Muslim. Those emails flying around are just the poisonous icing on a cake of fertilizer known as racism.

That being said, Sarah Palin is arousing naked fear on the part of many liberals. She's going to ban books! She's going to bring a gun to work in the VP's office! She's going to take away our precious right to abort our fetuses/unborn children/above my pay grade!

Do I think she's got the qualifications to be Vice President? Heck, no. Do I think she's a villainess out of central casting? How kindergarten can you get?

Linked above is an article from Newsweek that examines many of the claims being made about Palin. Send it on to your outraged liberal friends.

There's so many real things to be upset about in this election. Again and again, the truth has been forgotten because the lies are so much more seductive.

The fact is that the more we indulge, on both sides, in stupid gossip, the less emotional energy there is to focus on what really matters. Haven't we learned that electing someone as President isn't a personality contest?

Perhaps we could graduate-to first grade, anyhow.

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