samedi, septembre 06, 2008

God's Pipeline?

It is another sign of how quickly change is occuring that YouTube has become, within a couple of years, an accepted way to share information, comedy, and highly embarrassing moments.

As well as being another milestone in the a. democratization and/or b.dumbing-down of the way we absorb information, YouTube offers a place to see politicians at their best and worst.

In Sarah Palin's address to the young leaders at her former church in Wasilla, now available on YouTube, she brings an evangelical perspective to her job as Governor that is, frankly, going to seem very odd to secularists and liberal Jews and Protestants.

How many of them had ever heard the words "a servant's heart" used to describe a public official?

And what about her hope that building an Alaskan pipeline be part of God's will?

I have to admit that I struggle with that idea. I'm not totally sure why. I do believe that God desires to know us and for us to want to know God. But does He ump every choice we make?

To drag Him into political decisions seems to blur the line between the Kingdom of God and the worldly powers in a way that runs the risk of blurring the line between His will and ours.

The thought of having a woman who has this particular perspective as Vice President would be a fascinating opportunity to see an evangelical, a real evangelical, in a powerful position. But, given that she is such an unknown, it seems like a tremendous risk to me.

Or is that my lack of faith?

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