mercredi, octobre 12, 2011

Better than sex? Really?

Cake (with caramel frosting.)

I hear that there are 326 recipes for "better than sex" cake at alone.

Not to mention cookies, or or chocolate, or booze.

Hunter Thompson, back in the 1990's, argued in a book that politics was better than sex (though right now, with Congressional approval ratings in the basement, politics may be the penultimate anti-erotica).

Ummm....cell phones. They rate high on the "top ten list" of things that are better than sex because you can turn them on...and on (the list is linked below).

Well, with the exclusion of in vitro fertilization, I've tried pretty much everything on the list (I'm willing to work my way through the cakes).

And I'm not convinced that anything on it is better than emotionally intimate, hot, monogamous, tender and self-revealing sex.

Awww....did ya HAVE to add all of those adjectives, I can hear some of you groaning.

I know that a lot of guys don't -- I've had those conversations. Many, many times.

Perhaps that's why I remain alone for now (that, and a complete inability to see how I could shoehorn a relationship into my current life).

Despite a steady stream of aspirants (yes, I know that sounds arrogant, and I am puzzled by it), I don't seem to be able to move from the step a to step b to the somewhere down the road that would lead to appropriate sex.

Which doesn't mean that I can't imagine, at some point, wanting to be intimate with a man. Or that I don't think that it could be considerably better than a delicious chocolate cake, or a good run (though I love those, too).

Slow, revealing intimacy with a smart guy could be fantastic.

Oh yes, intelligence -- another criteria that is high on my list, and one which many men seem to appreciate and look for in women as they get older. Perhaps it's because, as they say, the brain is the biggest sex organ. There's something about a clever mental tease that is invigorating.

So do I think anything is better than sex?

Oh, probably.

I just can't remember what it is, right now.

I know a way to make you laugh at that cowgirl as she's walking out your door...

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