vendredi, avril 23, 2010

The pleasure of not accomplishing

This was a good night, I think -- more noteworthy for what it was than what it wasn't.


I didn't spend alone wandering the local mall -- I have enough winsome frocks and skirts in my closet already.

I didn't spend the dinner hour cleaning the house -- that will, however, have to be done before the potential buyers show up tomorrow.

I didn't work on a sermon or do the laundry -- yes, that can wait for tomorrow.

I didn't get propositioned by a man who is married to somebody else.

A friend didn't ask me to pose nude for his photo collection.

I didn't forget to buy the shower gel.

I didn't get messaged and end up chatting with someone who lives about a half an hour away for three hours.

I didn't forget to bring my son's baseball uniform to his dad's house a few days ago, so I didn't have to drive down to his house tonight.


Look what I haven't accomplished.

Just an evening of good food and interesting conversation.

And a chance to listen to this song from my childhood...and still a source of pleasure.

This woman, who once would have done almost anything to get the story, now is content to sit on the sidelines and let the jugglers and clowns cavort.

But she does reserve the liberty to join them -- on a more accomplished night.

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