jeudi, avril 22, 2010

Do I really want to be that....(insert rude term)?

A few years ago, a friend of mine looked at me kindly as he implied that I probably wouldn't even know the slang term he was using for... comely women of a certain age.

He was right.

Well, now I know what he's talking about.

All I can say here (a relatively family-friendly site) is that it starts with "M" and it is totally a product of our modern age, in which middle-aged moms are viewed by a niche market as a hot commodity.

And I'm not talking about the Agriculture Committee and derivative regs.

Although we do trade in the marketplace.

There are guys who like full-figured women. Men who like skinny 20 somethings. And then there are younger men looking for...whom?

Mrs. Robinson?

Someone who can quote Baudelaire, put on naughty lingerie, and apply anti-wrinkle cream at the same time?

A woman of the world with a large bag of tricks?

Who knows? I just know that I don't want a night on the town, or anywhere close to the town, with someone who could be my son.

Not to mention that they give me, errr, credit for experiences I haven't had.

Truthfully, it was novel, and a bit flattering, to be a hit or, hit on, by the younger crowd. Particularly since guys my own age tend to want to revive their youth (and other bits) with women considerably their juniors.

But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see these guys at their best -- as opposed to how I get to see them.

Someday perhaps I'll find out -- when my son brings some friends home to his mom from college.

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Sabrina Vourvoulias a dit…

Oh dear,

I'm too old to know what the "M" word is either.

Offcenter a dit…

Waiting for David to sign on here...

dadshouse a dit…

I'm a mid-40s divorced dad, and I've had some fabulous sexual relationships with late-20s women. Half my age plus seven... (give or take a year or two)

The women enjoyed my company, my ability to pay for meals, my easy going manner, my respect for them, my sexual experience. I enjoyed their energy and enthusiasm and willingness to frolic without making additional demands on me.

I'm growing past that stage, and wanting more of a relationship with equals, with a woman closer in age to me. But I have absolutely no regrets for the time spent with those younger women. I look back fondly and cherish it.

Offcenter a dit…

Thanks, David. I'll take your experience in account when and if another hot thirty-something guy contacts me. He better!