vendredi, avril 23, 2010

The Life I've always wanted

Sometimes, well...something you read or something somebody says gets you thinking.

What would your life have looked like if you'd made different choices?

I still am taken by the multitude of ways in which we experience the basics of work, faith or no faith, parenting and singleness, love and celibacy. As a decent listener, I enjoy the opportunity to walk with someone else a few yards, hear his or her story, let the rain of their hopes soak my skin.

After all, I can walk back into safety and dry off.

Coming from a family in which there were arguments, debates and sometimes grief, I appreciate tranquility. Yet others in my family seem to feed on arguments -- I'm sure that the family reunion will offer opportunities to see that in action. I love my cousins, but there have to be some good classic stories to come out of that reunion so we can tell them again at the next.

I am a professional questioner -- but I don't want to question the fundamentals as much as I used to. While I have a low tolerance for boredom, I also am wondering if the price of enduring love is possibly a little less sizzle and a bit more (odd metaphor for a vegetarian) steak.

The life I've always wanted involves a loving partner -- someone who can stand up to me, as Henry Higgins said, in a most unerotic metaphor, a consort battleship. But I'd rather cruise through the icy and stormy waters by my consort's side than ram his deck, if you take my meaning.

Does that make me dull? Perhaps. Or perhaps it makes me sane. Or maybe I just need to be surprised. After all, I do have a tendency to think I've figured it out -- maybe "it" needs to figure me out!

What is the balance of drama and peace in the life that you once wanted? Want now? Has it changed? Are you settled? Or seeking?

Or are you taking what life dishes out to you...and making it into your home.

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

I long ago gave in to "whatever life dishes out."