dimanche, février 21, 2010

Ten confessions, or why the Choo isn't on this foot

As a condition of accepting this terrific Sugar Doll award, I need to share ten things you most likely don't know about me. I'm finding this tougher than I thought it would be, in part because I've been shedding my (metaphorical) clothes in public for years.

That is to say that I've dug deep into my family and personal life, even my literary adventures in dating, for various columns and previous blog posts.

So if you've seen or heard it before, just skip on to the next bit of lingerie.

1. I have size 12 feet, so I can't go out and buy suggestive shoes in my size. I'm lucky if I can get the granny loafers -- or I can choose that orange thigh-high boot that no one else bought on the Macy's outlet rack.

2. But I'm tall (around 5' 9'') so hopefully people don't spend too much time staring at my sensible shoeware. As for my feet -- "you run on those?" asked the physical therapist.

3. I grew up about half a block from Prospect Park West and took the Seventh Avenue bus to and from St. Ann's School in the Heights, making sure I had a king-sized chocolate bar for the way home.

4. When I left for college, I was pretty convinced I was going to be an actress. And I was very involved in theatre throughout most of my college years. But I didn't quite believe in my talent or spunk enough to make a go of it.

5. While a student in Princeton, a fellow student and I housesat one summer for the late Peter Benchley and his really nice wife Wendy. I still recall talking literature one evening with Peter. He was a neat shoot off the literary dynasty.

6. I met my ex when I interviewed him for a feature.

7. I still continue to look for mentors who will help me become a better writer. I love good editors.

8. I tend to get crushes, even at this age, on brainaic journalists -- there is something very exciting about someone who pushes you intellectually.

9. I put chocolate chips in my trail mix, eat chocolate for a snack, and usually have chocolate ice cream in the freezer. Notice a theme here?

10 Sometimes I like the striptease, and sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm doing online, exchanging often silly and mostly inconsequential bits and bytes of information with people I may never meet. But I keep doing it, aware of the fact that....

Sometimes "connecting" keeps one from truly showing up.

But you knew that....

Sorry, gotta run! People to "see." Really. See.

3 commentaires:

T a dit…

Awesome post! There's lots of great stuff here!

Mmmm.... chocolate. Something else we have in common!

dadshouse a dit…

I like #6! Random events in the universe are the stuff of life.

BigLittleWolf a dit…

This is absolutely delightful! (And as for #8 - yep - I'm with you on that one. A brilliant, playful mind is the sexiest thing there is (to some of us), whatever the age, whatever the body.

Loved this! (Now. Gotta run. Still cleaning. Groceries to finish putting away. Latvian invasion... um... sometime soon. Pass the beet soup.)