samedi, février 27, 2010

Stamp your feet

I'm wondering why there is so much national rage popping up in our media.

It infests a lot of our dialogue on issues from taxes to climate change to health insurance...

Is it the weather?

Global tragedies in Haiti and now in Chile?

Lack of productive work for more than ten percent of our neighbors?

Lack of communal connection abetted by the ability to "connect" here?

The fact that we are fighting two wars?

The cascade of foreclosures?

I don't have an answer (doh). I can understand why troops and under or unemployed folks would be furious. Though that never, nevern never excuses violence.

But what about the rest of us?

Do some of us just need to stop expecting people to figure it all out for us?

Or is there something deeper going on here? I have no idea -- yet it appears that it's easier to have a tantrum than an answer.

2 commentaires:

norman pease a dit…

I think it is something much deeper.

Allen a dit…

Just my very uninformed opinion, but it seems a lot of people think that lashing out at people who disagree with their deeply held beliefs makes their beliefs more authentic and their lives more meaningful. Somehow you're not a true believer or making a positive impact on the world unless you're militant about what you believe in. This sort of mindset is occurs in a wide variety of people--whether you're religious or atheist, liberal or conservative, hawk or dove, etc.