samedi, février 20, 2010

Une honorifique sucre

Yesterday I traveled over to Big Little Wolf's Daily Plate of Crazy to read her smart and sexy and sometimes poignant meditations on parenting, love, writing and French men, food and shopping (and shoes, of course). And whaddya know? She was gracious enough to award me, with some pretty gifted and more prolific bloggers, the Sugar Doll Award.

I like BLW's taste in other writers as much as I like her taste in footwear (though I could never wear most of it, see below). So I really was honored and surprised. This blog began a few years ago at the suggestion of a journo friend of mine, who suggested that, with journalism on the ropes, I find another avenue for my rantings. It is as chimerical as the rest of my work life as writer and pastor, veering whimsically from topic to topic, never quite deciding what to be when it grows up.

Other bloggers seem more focused, bolder, more intentional. Certainly bawdier. And in the spirit of the award, which is given and then passed on to someone else, I'd like to give this one to Tonya, of The Quest for T blogspot.

Tonya and I share an interest in the spiritual life and in relationships and parenting. But she's more inclusive, draws the boundaries wider, and is WAYYYY more bawdy than I'd ever dare to be. She's a breath of fresh air, so if you haven't already, check her out.

I know that part two is owning up to ten things I haven't already told the universe about me, but it's going to have to wait until later today. Today we had a chess tournament. And now I transition from mom to priestess -- and back again tonight.

Thank you, BLW! Thanks for introducing me to some awesome bloggers

Yeah, I know my mastery of French idiom is almost as suspect as my English.

But what can you expect of a goil from the streets of Park Slope?

2 commentaires:

BigLittlewolf a dit…

I love your title - and believe me - the "sucre honorifique" is well deserved indeed. Who says all blogs must be focused? Yours is always a pleasure and worthy of rumination. "Chimerical" you are, indeed.

Wonderful choice in T - and we look forward to reading those ten items about you that we don't yet know. (I've just posted my "list" which is of course, listing to the side in a Euro boatload of bits, of sorts.)

Hoping your chess goes well - and your assorted Sunday hats, in the vein of a fashionably oriented afternoon.

T a dit…

WOW! Thank you! I am honored!

I am also not very good at posting lists! Eek! I always try to participate in these things but end up rattling off about my life instead.

Thank you so much for the wonderful words of kindness regarding my blog. I look forward to reading more of you!