samedi, septembre 05, 2009


Well, we're back in school -- and this transition is harder than a few others. The move from middle to high school, from parochial to public, has been full of drama.

Facebook alarums -- breakups with new friends. Seeing the DQ at the mall with two boys her friend Dawn knows -- one a high school grad who introduced himself to me as "Rson." Her dad and I need to have a little talk about kids who hang out on Friday nites at the Exton Square Mall.

Mr. C appears to be doing OK as he goes from elementary to middle school, although his new school is vast compared to his old one acrorss the street. He has some interesting teachers and some people he knows from his old school -- not to mention the chess nerds. Well, we still go running and walking there -- and cut through it to get ice cream at the sole store in "downtown" Glenmoore.

Right now, with my own projects, there' s not a lot of time to post on the blog. But be watching for a new feature -- hopefully in a few weeks.

I hope your summer to fall transitions are going more smoothly. Happy Labor Day!

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Sue a dit…

I'm finding this year's transition to be tough too -- some reasons I can pinpoint; others remain mysterious. But I find myself tired for no "real" reason; I'm missing the carefree days with my kids ... I never fully realized the transition is equally difficult on the parent!

My son began 1st grade -- he actually couldn't WAIT for summer to be over. Yes, that's THAT kind of kid ... :) My 4-year-old daughter starts preschool for the very first time, 3 mornings a week ... I've got my storehouse of tissue boxes at the ready. That's one transition I'm not looking forward to. But we'll get through these first steps ... it's my own, "grown-up" transitions in my own life that are more difficult to digest ...

Hope all continues to go well for you and your family!